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Testimonials from those who have rented from us recently!


"Thx Justin Lee and Thing 3 team for sharing your wonderful V6 Miata @worldracingleague @roadatlanta ! We won Friday 7 Hr class. Miata w double the power 👍👍👍  I love car guys like these guys. @motortrend @mtondemand #racingfortheloveofit  @hookedondriving#addictedtoracing

-- Randy Pobst


"My weekend race with Thing 3 was my first Endurance racing event. My connection to Thing 3 was via FB friends with Paul as he and I have Datsun roadster connections and I had another roadster friend who had previously driven with the team. My race experience has been with SCCA FP racing against Miata's,so driving the Thing 3 Miata was an added treat. Justin, Paul and Ana ran a very serious effort with Andres and Evan as crew/support.This weekend was the inaugural outing for a new engine in the car and it couldn't have gone better. Only gas, oil, tires and driver changes. Two 7 hour enduros in the weekend and only one unscheduled pit stop per day placed us 14th out of ~40 for each race. I was grinning ear to ear as I'd not had so much seat time in a weekend EVER! I'm pleased to have been a driver for Thing 3 and would do it again because I had a blast! Thanks Justin, Ana and Paul!" -- Bill Wessel


"I was an arrive-and-drive customer of the Thing 3 Racing Team at Gingerman.  The team was very organized, knowledgeable and friendly.  Thing 3, the car itself, was easy to drive, competitive and achieved twenty hours of mechanically flawless racing." -- Roger Gill


"Without Thing 3 Racing I would still be home wondering what it feels like to climb into a racecar! From late-night wrenching with Justin and Jimmy to taking the overall win at Gingerman this year the experience has been everything I ever hoped for! Justin is well respected by many of his racing peers and for good reason. The amount of mechanical aptitude and racing experience this team brings to the track translates into a car that is fully prepared for the rigors of an endurance competition. I am proud to say I raced with this team and can't wait to join them again!" -- Chris Horton


"Endurance racing is very similar to the children's story "The Tortoise and the Hare." Except, the Hare taking a nap mid-race is really the "high powered speed machines" spending the majority of their race broken down in the pits. Justin has taken the approach of the "Tortoise" (although not actually slow!) with the Thing 3 Miata, and has stayed true to Rick Mears' words- "To finish first, first you must finish." The result is an incredibly safe and reliable race car, which plays well in it's favor during a 6 - 24 hour race. In the 3 months I have participated on the Thing 3 team, the Miata has successfully completed 4 races, finishing each within the top 15 spots. Additionally, the team's enthusiasm, compassion, and open-minded approach to a team-run race car should be used as the centerpiece for any grassroots racing series. I look forward to continuing my participation as both crew and rental driver for this team, as Thing 3 progresses and dials the car in to maintaining the reliability of the Tortoise, while developing the pace of the Hare. -- Evan Horner"


"Your car & crew are very well put together, I was very impressed with everything coming from a couple other teams in the series. I would like to drive with you guys again some day. I hope you feel the same about me!"  -- Mike Holzi

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