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Chillout Systems Club Series Cooling Shirt

The goal with the Club Series cooling shirt is to provide drivers with most comfortable driver cooling shirt on the market while maintaining safety and comfort at an affordable price. Chillout nailed it!

The new Club Series cooling shirt is an entry level cooling shirt, but don't let that fool you. It's made from dual layers of soft stretch cotton concealing a strategically structured layer of thermal conductive cooling veins that target the most vital region of the body – the core. They are designed to work with Chillout's incredible refrigerant-based Quantum Cooling system but work equally well with ice based systems like Coolshirt or F.A.S.T.

The Club Series shirt has cooling efficiency similar to other brands, but in a high-quality, custom designed shirt with the cooling veins hidden between two ultra thin layers of stretch fabric. The stretch fabric is crucial to holding the cooling veins close to the body where heat exchange takes place.

With cooling veins constructed of a matte fire-resistant, self-extinguishing compound developed by the US military, this cooling shirt is rugged and durable, perfect for racing, HPDE, or test days..

Choose the Chillout Dual Prong connector to connect to the Quantum System or Coolshirt connectors to hook up to your Coolshirt cooler. Shirts do not come with any connectors.

Chillout Systems Club Series Cooling Shirt

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